“Sweet Pea” Lavender Eyepillow


This lovely Lavender Eyepillow is handprinted with a print of the Sweet Pea flower! It is printed in lavender onto 100% flax colored linen.

Each eyepillow is filled with a blend of lavender essential oil and flaxseed. They can be heated or refrigerated for hot/cold therapy.

Lavender is known for its’ Aromatherapy benefits such as relief from headaches, insomnia, and stress.

Product Description

This  eyepillow has been handprinted with a design of purple Sweet Pea flowers. Printed on muslin cotton and backed with purple linen, it has been hand-filled with a great blend of Lavender essential oil and flaxseed.

All eyepillows can be heated or refrigerated for hot/cold therapeutic relief from headaches or tired eyes.


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